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Kula Cloth

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Kula Pee Cloth® - is an alternative to toilet paper when adventuring outside. Kula is a soft, reusable & antimicrobial pee cloth and means another step to respect our beautiful nature together with other principles of Leave No Trace land ethics.


  • Super absorbent (absorbs 10x its weight in water!)
  • Advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric
  • Durable and waterproof 'clean' side so your hand doesn't get wet
  • Easily snaps to backpack using plastic snaps
  • Double snap allows cloth to hang while folded in half (so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail)
  • Easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry
  • Retro-reflective thread detail for locating it at night with your headlamp


Once you try a Kula, you'll never go back! Since the Kula Cloth® is made with highly advanced textiles that are specifically designed for hygiene, the fabric is antimicrobial and resistant to odors. This is a way that you can stay comfortable and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

USAGE: After peeing use the plain black dimpled side of the Kula Cloth® to absorb any residual moisture. Since the clean/printed side is waterproof, you don't need to worry about any liquid soaking through to your hand. 

The Kula dries very quickly! Hang it from a tree, trekking pole or your backpack. The UV rays from the sun will also help to 'sterilize' it as it dries.