For Refill - Not Landfill
For Refill - Not Landfill

For Refill - Not Landfill

We have a pretty nasty dependency on these oil-derived chemicals called plastics. In fact humans buy a total of about 17,000 plastic bottles per second! The worst thing is most of these are used once and then ditched. Take the U.S. for example. Only about 23% of plastic bottles are recycled, which means a whopping 77% are going into landfill or our oceans.

The average American buys about 126 plastic bottles a year, when the average price of a bottle is $1.45. So a reusable bottle saves the planet 126 plastic bottles and saves you about $183…. It’s a no brainer.

Good so you are on board with keeping hold of your reusable water bottle! Now let your water bottle be messenger for others. Together we can create a future where everyone has a reusable bottle!

We encourage you to learn more about this important matter here.

  • Vegan
  • Weather durable
  • Made in Europe/USA
  • Printed in a matte finish

📏 Dimensions:
  • 3"×3" / 75mm×75mm

🌍 We ship worldwide!

  • Dispatched from the U.K. and the United States
  • Estimated time of affival: usually 1-2 weeks
    (Sometimes up to 30 days)


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