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Advent Calendar // 24 packs

Advent Calendar // 24 packs

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✨24 packs containing artsy goodies from our store ✨

Countdown to Christmas with our artsy Advent Calendar! It's the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and keep track of the days 'til the big day arrives. They are a classic European tradition, and since we have partaken in it for as long as we can remember, we are beyond thrilled to be able to bring you our version! The Assorted and Surprise Calendars contain 24 packs of mostly stickers and a few magnets. Check the product photo to see what's in the Assorted Version.

Optional: Add a note when you purchase the Surprise Calendar, to let us know if this is for a woman or man, adult/teen/child, family member, friend or lover.
In this way we will pick illustrations accordingly :)

The Calendars do NOT include any string, pins or other decorative elements. Only the numbered packs and stickers are included. The pictures are meant as suggestions :)

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