We’re Nathen & Josy, founders of the Responsible Vanlife community.


In Spring 2018, we found each other at a mutual friends house in Lisbon, Portugal. The very next day we left on a road trip that never ended. Josy sometimes likes to joke that it was all because of the van, but deeply we both knew that this serendipitous meeting was fate. Bound together by a deep love for nature, adventure, media and of course each other, we decided to set out travelling the world together, while catalysing change wherever we went.


So after testing the waters in Europe we took on our first big assignment and WildFeet Productions was born. We found ourselves in a refugee camp in Western Algeria, documenting the forgotten refugee crisis of Western Sahara, Africas last colony. This deeply moving subject has become our long-term passion project, ever changing as we delve deeper in to the story. However, this is not our only change making project; from content creation for political campaigns, to marketing & consulting for small independent businesses, we are spreading ourselves across the board with one vision in mind; a fair, equal and healthy Earth where all living beings can thrive! In July, 2019 we were converting our second van together and trying to push the boundaries of sustainability, both in the conversion and in our daily lives. We felt the need to have some serious conversations with other vanlifers, about how we can all make a real difference. We want all vanlifers to rise-up together and become a resilient community of global travellers doing our very best to bring about social and environmental sustainability. We knew then, it was down to us to step up and create this space, something bigger than us that could inspire generations of travellers to choose a different way to travel. Thats when responsible vanlife came to be!


We’re so happy to be constantly questioning our reality and reassessing our position in it, so together we can really make the world a better place.
Just love, Josy & Nathen


If you want to hear more about what we are doing, come and say hey @wildlfeet or drop us an email.
We’d love to hear from you!