Hi guys! We are Tanja and Lenny! We grew up only 30 minutes apart on the opposite sides of the German-Danish border. Lenny in the Danish minority in Germany and Tanja in the German minority in Denmark. Our paths finally merged in high-school, when we were put into the same class. It was not love at first sight, not even at second third or fourth. After 8 months of sitting in a classroom together a friendship started and from there we slowly fell in love. When we think back, we feel like the universe wanted to make sure that we would figure out what was right in front of us, and gave us the high-school time-frame to make it happen.
All this seems like a lifetime ago, because ever since we graduated high school, we have made travel and adventure our top priority. Three years ago we turned our passions into our livelihood and are now content creators and entrepreneurs. Tanja is an artist (painting adventurous art) and Lenny a videomaker (filming van tours etc) and together we have created Break Away Today, a network of platforms where we share photos, videos and artworks. Our mission is to inspire more people to pursue minimalist and adventurous lifestyles and hope they will make the same connection, that living with less makes room for so much more.
If we hadn't been inspired by others that downsized and started living in a van, we doubt we would be where we are today. We practice what we preach, and we currently live in our little 30 year old van, that we renovated. But because our business has grown, we need to have more space, that's why we recently purchased a long wheelbase 2017 Sprinter and are now doing a vanbuild. We are super stoked about this new chapter, because it means we get to personalize the space to fit our needs and we can't wait to complete the build and hit the roads of Europe.
To be honest we have no idea where this adventurous path will lead us, but we are thankful to experience each step of this exciting journey. ⠀⠀⠀