If you think you are just buying these stickers because they look pretty, then stop right there! 

These vinyl stickers are not only beautiful, long lasting, vegan, they are important messages that have the power to change how someone sees the world - we had our wizards cast some powerful charms on these stickers, so they are not to be taken lightly.
Best of all, by purchasing these stickers you are contributing to the Responsible Vanlife fund, which will enable the RV Team to expand their content, create more valuable information and work on even more exciting change making projects. That’s something you can really feel good about and when you go through that checkout process, you will feel the eternal appreciation from us all.
So go and have fun, use these sticker to make a statement and educate others!

Just love,

Josy & Nathen - @WildFeet
Founders of @Responsible Vanlife