We bought a new van!!!

Say hello to our new friend 💙

For the time being we are calling this whale of a van, Blue. It’s a 2017 Sprinter van, and by spending 16k we went well over budget, but we know we are not going to regret it! This van is in an amazing shape and is a great foundation for our new home.

So why are we changing vans? Short answer we are hermit crabs in need for a bigger home! Elefriend has been a wonderful companion for all of our adventures in the past 7 years. Last year in June we moved into him and hit the road. Half of the time since then we have been doing housesits, because he is not really big enough for two people to use as an office. 👩🏻‍💻

Van Build Layout

Our plan for the layout

Since February we have been on the lookout via eBay and mobile.de, and at some point we realized that this time around we wanted something new, because we don’t want any kind of hassle with entering environmental zones of cities anymore. A newer van has of course many other perks, some of them we can’t seem to fathom yet, like Aircon and electric windows..

Needless to say we are super stoked about this new chapter! We will be posting photos and updates of the build process. This will be our very first van conversion and we need all the advice and help that we can get. 🚐