We are Breaking Away!!

It is happening guys!!! We are finally breaking away and starting to live full-time vanlife. Since this plan has been in the making for such a long time, it now feels unreal that it’s actually happening 🤪

Yesterday we packed the last things and said our goodbyes to Lenny’s parents, who have been so kind to accommodate us for more than a month. It has not been the first time that they've opened their home, while we were in between adventures, and it has been incredibly helpful to have a base

Now we are on the road and it feels so amazing, after having planned this moment for more than 1 1/2 years. Also by coincidence, exactly 6 years ago we went on our first adventure with our van, and it was this 3 month trip around eastern and southern Europe, that sparked our wanderlust and kicked off our nomadic life 🚐