The Junk in our Trunk

This is how it looks when we have packed everything in the morning. We each have one black box which contains our clothing. On top of the boxes you can see all of our blankets. When we took off 3 months ago, we slept comfortably with our two regular blankets, sometimes only the linens if it was too hot.

But because the weather is colder now, we use the two fluffy blankets in addition. One goes underneath us above the bed sheet, and the other one is very big and covers the both of us. Soon we might need to wear more clothing, when we get up to Scotland where it is even colder.

Above our engine bay, we have some additional storage. Here we keep things, that we don't need on a daily basis, such as tools, jumper cables, extension chords, first aid kit, spare car parts, levelers for uneven surfaces and other essentials. For the tools, that need more often, we have added the little pouch on the left, which before was an unused space 🛠