Our new Floor

Keeping the old floor or putting in a new one?

After much deliberation we decided it was worth putting the extra work in, because we wanted a good solid foundation for our floor. 

Sprinter Camper Van Floor

Everything seemed pretty forward, but the tricky thing was measuring and building a frame that would fit perfectly onto the floor. Luckily I didn’t have to do any measuring when I cut the floorboard out of some waterproof plywood, because I could use the old flimsy floor as a template. Once all this was done I cut out the adhesive insulation shapes and applied these together with the frame to the new floor board. 

Camper Van Floor Insulation

In the end it took a much longer time to build the floor than I had anticipated. Now that this step is done, I feel a relief, and I dare say a sense of accomplishment!  I celebrate when I finish each step and I am learning tons of new stuff along the way!

DIY Plywood Floor Sprinter

Next up, we gotta shed some more light into this big blue box. I am so excited about this step!