Our Morning Routine

We're sleeping very well in Elefriend. In fact we get a better nights sleep in our tiny rolling home, than we get in any other place. Our bed is only 120cm wide and the size has never really bothered us.

One of the things we love about vanlife, is that each day can be so different. But some things never change, like our morning routine: I wake up first and plan the @breakawaytoday instagram feed and let Lenny sleep longer. Then I start to wake him up, but he always tries to sleep as long as possible. I am always the first one out of bed and he keeps chilling there and that’s when I get hangry. Unfortunately I can never keep a straight face while whining about it, so he always gets away with staying even longer!
 Since the last couple of months our routine has altered a bit, I have started performing horrible morning songs to make him wake up, which actually has helped this routine wrap up faster!

Much love