Living in a Tiny Construction Site

This is a glimpse into our life at the moment.  We moved into our van more than 3 weeks ago, even though the build is not finished. Slowly but surely things are taking form and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! We try to keep our sanity while ticking things of the never ending to do list.

These times are challenging: at the moment we eat all of our meals in bed, because we have not built the bench and table yet, our clothes seem to be everywhere, our data connection depends on the spot that we are staying at, and our dishes are only done, once all kitchen ware is dirty, because we need to do them at Lennys parents house, as long as the water is not installed.

We know that all these inconviniences are just temporary, and we try to do things that we enjoy, so that we are not constantly in work mode, like watching Community, snuggling in the morning, cooking soulfood, taking autumn walks and we keep trying to make each other laugh.