Too hot to handle?

Find Kitchen Handles they said - It'll be fun they said..

Never would we have thought that it was this difficult to find handles for our kitchen. As all of our cabinets have a different size, we also wanted handles in different lengths. And once that thought had gotten in our head it never left! And so we scouted the internet for hours and only found one supplier with handles that maybe would work. We did not want to take any risks though, so we decided to make our own!

DIY Wooden Handles

We used a combination of different pre cut woods and glued a rounded bar to the top part for a nicer finish. Then we sanded them down and finally gave them some spray paint with a rust effect and also some golden sprinkles.

Home Made Handles For Sprinter Van Conversion

The last thing that had to be done was to drill holes in the right places (easier said then done) and screw them into place. We are super happy with the result and only ended up paying around 20$ for materials.

Sprinter Van Conversion Kitchen

Another project done! Summer is coming and the vanbuild is slowly coming to an end! We can't wait to finally get out there and explore Europe again!